About us

Our Vision

The vision of CarePossible is to make mental health and addiction care possible for veterans, military families, and low-income families. Our desire is to save lives and save families by offering free, professional care to those in need. Addiction, suicide, PTSD and overdose rates are incredibly high. Our mission is to reduce these numbers by making care possible for anyone in need but lacking resources.

Our Method

With the goal of providing professional behavioral health solutions to veterans and families in need of care, we raise funds through grants, donations, golf tournaments, and community events. We also recruit behavioral health treatment scholarships from respected organizations and distribute the scholarships when veterans apply for assistance. To date we have distributed over $3,000,000 in mental health and addiction treatment scholarships to veterans in crisis.

Additionally, we partner with numerous community organizations to further our mission, and we put on community awareness and educational events regarding veterans issues and mental health and addiction issues in order to educate the general public and help fight stigma, suicide and overdose.